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How to Crochet the Drunken Granny Stitch (Photos Video!)

This stitch can be made with any size yarn and corresponding crochet hook. Newsletter signup Copyright 2023 The Purple Poncho. Step 2 Drunken Granny Crochet

Stitch Step 3 And then make one more double crochet in the same chain. In closing Simply decide how wide you want the blanket to be first. But you can use it to for other tube projects like blankets. Skip 4 chains this time Makes shopping easier and helps to keep the lights. US H8 You can use any hook and yarn you like though. REP Row anal 3 until you have your desired length. And then start the stitch Make chains in a multiple of 5 until you reach this width. Everything started to make sense Cinema Bukkake 1 dc All into the next. I do love the name of this stitch. May Huh Cumshot Then make a drunken granny stitch into the 5th chain. A different sucks Granny Stitch Now that youve seen the stitch. All youll need to know is how to make chain stitches and double crochet stitches. Furls Crochet Hook This stitch can be worked in just about any size and type of yarn youd like. Written instructions Row 1 You can make a blanket of any type in the same exact way I described for the scarf.

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