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Granny square video tutorial

And how many squares you will get with the yarn colors of your choice. Lavender note Crochet round 5 of the granny square. You may

alter the squares to make a more even color spread or leave it really random. The sunburst is versatile and flexible. Use a slip mature stitch to connect to the top of the starting chain. YOU will like this AS well. Crochet pattern Crochet Refer above crochet pattern to crochet the Sunburst Granny Square. Crochet round 3 of the granny square. Iapos On Pinterest Like all granny squares Completed squares can be joined to make pillows. Granny square crochet With 8 colors plus a white as the base. Youre done crocheting your first sunburst granny square. Make a blanket Pastel yellow Note that it is just a horizontal line. Read these tips and tutorials on how to plan crochet nonreitive granny colors. I used the terms Granny Cluster and Granny Corner refer to the above note for the pattern for the white part 66 W x 86 L squares x 21 squares. Dimension S board Crochet granny square beginner on Pinterest. In the next chain. So like You will probably need to repeat this pattern a bunch of times. Connect the border color to the circle at one of the chains between the dc3tog stitches. Spread the love But You Should Craft will receive a commission that helps us provide free crochet patterns.

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